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Wedding Hair and Makeup

Getting ready for your wedding day wants to be stress free and fun! Here at Poised we strive to make the process as easy as possible. 

On the day, you want to feel like the best version of yourself, so we aim to create natural looking makeup which enhances your beauty. Of course, if you would like something more glam, we can create your perfect look to any brief, never looking over the top and always feeling like you. And in your trial we can perfect your dream bridal image and make you feel incredible! 

We love hair! And all types of hairstyles, we can create something relaxed, undone and on trend. Or, something more classic, sleek and elegant. Whatever your desired style, we can help - even if you're not sure it will work on your own hair. Its great if you can send us any inspiration pictures you might have found and then we can tailor the look to suit you perfectly. 

Each and every bride is unique, no two looks are the same, which is why The Trial is so important!

The Trial

The trial gives us a chance to get to know each other, talk about all things wedding, have a giggle, and perfect and refine your hair and makeup vision. 

We will have a look at, and talk through all your inspiration, this could be other hair and makeup looks, or even the venue, general colour scheme, flowers or anything else related to your wedding. It is always really helpful if you can bring hair accessories, veils, and anything else that will help to complete your look - such as jewellery - so that we can see how all the elements work together. 

Of course, you can bring someone with you to help you decide and to join in with the fun!

Then, we will try some looks and styles out to find that magic combination for your special day. Your trial will last 2 hours, but if you feel like you need longer, or you would like trials for multiple people, then let me know in your enquiry.


- Prices -

The Trial


Hair Only - £50

Makeup Only - £50

Makeup and Hair - £90

Bridal Party

Hair Only - £35

Makeup Only - £35

Hair and Makeup - £65

Flower Girls 

Hair Only - £10

Makeup Only - £10

Hair and Makeup - £20

The Day


Hair Only - £70

Makeup Only - £70

Hair and Makeup - £120


Bridal Party

Hair Only - £45

Makeup Only - £45

Hair and Makeup - £85

Flower Girls

Hair Only - £20

Makeup Only - £20

Hair and Makeup - £35

Additional costs may apply. Travel further than 5 miles from Hove Station is charged at 45p per mile, or the cost of public transport where we are unable to drive. Any event that requires an overnight stay or a location change will also incur additional costs. Large wedding parties that require another artist or assistant will incur an additional charge. Please send us an enquiry if you need more information.

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